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Effective Mooring

Effective Mooring

Autor: OCIMF
Editorial: Witherby
Año de edición: 2019 (4th edition)
Encuadernación: rústica
72 pág.
12,0 x 18,0 cm.

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This book gives seafarers general guidance on how to stay safe when mooring a ship. It is written in an easy-to-understand style for seafarers worldwide. More detailes technical information on the design and maintenance of mooring systems in in OCIMF's Mooring Equipment Guidelines, fourth edición (MEG4).

Althouh this guide in mainly for use on tankers, a lot of the information is also valid for other ship types, including small vessels and barges.

This guide is not a book of rules. It gives recommendations on safety and good operating practices. Where stricter international, national or local regulations apply, they take priority.


Section 1. Introduction
Section 2. General mooring safety practices
Section 3. Mooring lines
Section 4. Mooring winches
Section 5. Anchoring
Section 6. Tugs and barges
Section 7. Ship/berth interface

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