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English for the Maritime Industry (Libro + CD)

English for the Maritime Industry (Libro + CD)

Autor: Tony Grice
Editorial: Idris
Año de edición: 2012
Encuadernación: rústica
129 + 1 CD
21,0 x 29,5 cm.


English for the Maritime Industry is a comprehensive course in maritime english for mariners and trainees. It is for students at pre-intermediate level (CEFR A1-B1) of english language competence.

The book develops all the main language skills, covers the IMO's recommended maritime english syllabus and presents english in an exclusively maritime context so students learn the english they need at work and practise it in realistic situations and by discussing issues that are relevant to the maritime industry.

The course has a strong emphasis on spoken english and deals with specialist maritime vocabulary and important language structures. Each chapter includes a section on Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCPs) wich gives models of radio exchanges and provides simulations for students to do. There is help with pronunciation and a detailed glossary as well as a useful bank of adapted maritime documents which follow up the theme of each unit and provide extra reading comprehension practice.

Answers to all exercises are included in the back of the book. There is also background informaion on all of the maritime themes to support english language teachers who may have little maritime experience.


Unit 1. Ship knowledge
Unit 2. Crew
Unit 3. Getting underway
Unit 4. Nautical charts
Unit 5. Navigation
Unit 6. On the bridge
Unit 7. In the engine room
Unit 8. Meteorology
Unit 9. Distress
Unit 10. Medicine
Unit 11. Rules of the road
Unit 12. Passenger care
Unit 13. Pilots
Unit 14. Berthing
Unit 15. Cargo

Technical reading bank
Teaching notes and answers
Audio scripts

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