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Merchant Marine Officer's Handbook

Merchant Marine Officer's Handbook

Autor: VV. AA.
Editorial: Cornell Maritime Press -Schiffer-
Año de edición: 1989 (5ª edición)
Encuadernación: cartoné
573 pág.
15,5 x 23,5 cm.


This handbook, first issued in 1942, is designed to be used as a textbook or a study guide for the "hawsepiper.” The twenty-five chapters contain information on electronics, celestial navigation, rules of the road, engineering, etc.,—that will be helpful to the third mate, experienced mariner, or student preparing for a licensing examination.


Preface to the fifth edition
Preface to the first edition

1. The everyday labors of a ship's officer
2. Piloting and radar navigation
3. Collision avoidance
4. Celestial navigaion
5. The calculator and its use by the mariner
6. Marine electronics
7. The gyrocompass
8. Rules of the road
9. Shiphandling
Appendix to chapter 9, Multiple buoy moorings
10. Ground tackle
11. General cargo and cargo gear
12. Containership operations
13. Tankers
14. Engineering for deck officers
15. Steering gear
16. Stability, trim, and stress
17. Maintenance and repair
18. Fire and fire fighting aboard ship
19. Accident prevention aboard ship
20. Pollution
21. Ship's business
22. Maritime usage of computers
23. U.S. Coast Guard inspections
24. Maritime labor relations
25. Medical emergencies at sea

Appendix A. Professional requirements for deck officer licenses
Appendix B. U.S. Naval reserve merchant marine officer program
Appendix C. International Maritime Organization (IMO). Recommendations on navigational watchkeeping
Appendix D. Tables, formulae, and useful information


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