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Merchant Ship Construction

Merchant Ship Construction

Autor: D. A. Taylor
Editorial: Institute of Marine Engineering (IMAREST)
Año de edición: 2.000 (4ª edición)
Encuadernación: rústica
274 pág.
15,5 x 23,0 cm.


The techniques of ship construction advance steadily over the years. This book meets the needs of those connected with ships, whether practising engineers or students. It is an up-to-date review of current ship types, their construction, special features and outfit requirements.

Current shipbuilding techniques are described and the ship as a stressed structure is examined.

The major items and regions of structure are illustrated in detail, and types and methods of strengthening and stiffening are explained. The statutory and regulatory bodies and organisations involved in shipping and shipbuilding are described, together with their influence on ship construction. The final chapters deal with the corrosion process and the preventive methods employed for the ships.




1. The ship. Its functions, features and types
2. Ship stresses and shipbuilding materials
3. Shipbuilding
4. Welding and cutting processes
5. Major structural items
6. Minor structural items
7. Outfit
8. Oil tankers, bulk carriers, container and ro-ro ships
9. Liquefied gas carriers and chemical tankers
10. Ventilation
11. Organisations and regulations
12. Corrosion and its prevention
13. Surveys and maintenance
14. Principal ship dimensions and glossary of terms


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