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Practical navigation for officers of the watch

Practical navigation for officers of the watch

Autor: A. Frost
Editorial: Brown, Son & Ferguson
Año de edición: 2.004 (1ª edición)
Encuadernación: cartoné
338 pág.
15,0 x 21,5 cm.


"Practical navigation for officers of the watch" replaces the title "Practical navigation for second mates". The scope has been extended and includes relevant principles and theory to cover the requirements of the International Convention on Standard of Training Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers related to the use of charts and other Admiralty navigational publications, chart constructions, visual and radar terrestrial navigation, and the use of celestial bodies for the calculation of compass errors and for position fixing.

All navigational aspects of planning and executing the voyage safely and successfully are included with worked examples, exercises with answers and all necessary extracts from nautical almanac and tide tables.


Introduction. The passage plan

Module 1. Latitude and longitude. Units of distance
Module 2. The use of charts and other navigational publications
Module 3. Compasses, compass errors. Courses and bearings
Module 4. Chartwork constructions. Allowance for wind and tide
Module 5. Position lines. Position fixing by terrestrial observation
Module 6. The sailings
Module 7. Tides, tide tables and other tidal information
Module 8. Radar navigation

Module 1. The celestial sphere and the nautical almanac
Module 2. Time
Module 3. Compass error by astronomical observation
Module 4. Altitude and azimuth. Correction of altitudes
Module 5. Position lines from astronomical observations
Module 6. Latitude by meridian altitude
Module 7. Calculation of position lines from bodies out of the meridian
Module 8. Latitude by Pole Star

Revision exercises


Extracts from the nautical almanac


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