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Replacing your Boat's Electrical System

Replacing your Boat's Electrical System

Autor: Mike Westin
Editorial: Adlard Coles Nautical - Bloomsbury
Año de edición: 2013
Encuadernación: rústica
127 pág.
19,0 x 24,5 cm.


A boat's electrical system can be temperamental - whether it's prone to frequent oxydation, is reaching the end of its useful life, or is simply a tangle of wires added by previous owners. For boatowners who are themselves a little rusty on electrical DIY, this is an invaluable guide to getting glitches fixed and upgrades completed quickly, easily and safely, and without enlisting the costly services of an engineer.

While the theorical basics are summarised in plain, jargon-free language, the book places clear emphasis on the practical skills and know-how needed, including:
- Choosing the right tools and equipment
- Installing appropriate cables and batteries for your vessel
- A step-by-step guide to installing a new interior lighting circuit
- Renewable sources of energy, and how to harness them
- References, glossary and basic electrical theory

Suitable for both motorboats and yachts, this highly practical manual boasts helpful tables and checklists, a modern, up-to-date treatment and a straightforward approach throughout, and promises to show even complete novices just how easy it can be to replace a boat's electrical system.


Introduction. Practical rather than theoretical

About the project boat. A Vancouver 29

1. When does a system need upgrading?
2. Tools and equipment
3. Cables
4. Batteries
5. Charging
6. Shore power
7. The distribution panel
8. The inverter
9. Lighting
10. Sun
11. Wind power
12. The motorboat
13. Lessons
14. Basic theory
15. Glossary


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