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Ship Design in Practice

Ship Design in Practice

Autor: Jan Babicz
Editorial: Baobab Naval Consultancy
Año de edición: 2020
Encuadernación: rústica
352 pág. + 1 CD
21,0 x 30,0 cm.


The book provides comprehensive, practical knowledge in the field of initial ship design and related issues, also in the field of equipment. It is available with a CD containing examples of documentation of the initial design stage as well as guidance helpful for such documentation development, perfectly illustrating the issues presented. Useful for both, students of shipbuilding and related departments, as well as those associted with ships and shipping various professions.

The great advantage of the book is the support of theoretical knowledge with perfectly illustrated examples of applied solutions. This is valuable source of attractively given information.

Precio: 74,25 €, I.V.A. incluido (4%)

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