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Ship Systems and Machinery. Introduction to Marine Engineering

Ship Systems and Machinery. Introduction to Marine Engineering

Autor: Jan Babicz
Editorial: Baobab Naval Consultancy
Año de edición: 2015
Encuadernación: rústica con solapas
172 pág.
21,0 x 30,0 cm.


A large of complicated equipment such as a main engines, diesel generator sets, oil centrifuges, heaters, coolers, pumps and alike, can be found in ship machinery spaces. In addition to standard items, there appear more and more new sophisticated ones, such as ballast water management plants, exhaust gas scrubbers, Selective Catalyst Reduction reactors, to mention just a few. Marine engineering is the art of integrating all these components into systems that are capable of performing a specific set of functions.

The book consists of carefully prepared and well-illustrated text based on publications issued by manufactures of equipment typical for engine room of modern ships, rules and guidelines of class societes, etc. This publication serves two aims. The first is to give the readers basic knowledge on marine power plants, ship systems and engine room equipment. The second is to acquaint the readers who have the general knowledge on english with the specific terminology used in marine engineering.

Every piece of equipment has its own technical manual in english, that contains installation, operation and maintenance instructions. Usually technical manuals are big publications; e.g. main engine technical manual can consist of 400-500 pages or more. Safety of ship, cargo, crew and environment depends on proper functioning of ship equipment. It is therefore of the utmost importance for engine room staff to know technical english to a degree enabling them to use this documentation in an effective manner. This publication is ment to be a contribution to build such knowledge and understanding.



1. Marine power plants

2. Diesel engines

3. Transmission system

4. Propulsors

5. Steering system

6. Auxiliary systems

7. Various systems

8. Various equipment

9. Environmental protection

10. Engine room layout

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