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Shiphandling with Tugs

Shiphandling with Tugs

Autor: Jerffrey Slesinger
Editorial: Cornell Maritime Press -Schiffer-
Año de edición: 2008 (2ª edición)
Encuadernación: cartoné
409 pág.
15,5 x 23,5 cm.

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"Shiphandling with Tugs" is the most comprehensive text available for the mariner who wants to learn how to safely and effectively operate tugs in assisting ships to and from their berths in ports and anchorages. Captain Jeffrey Slesinger used his extensive knowledge of the industry to bring Reid’s original edition, published in 1986, up to date with current technologies and standards, adding sections on the advances made in tug design, and line and winch technology.Shiphandling with Tugs, Second Edition includes a new chapter on ship escort with updated and expanded chapters on today’s tugs, including descriptions and illustrations of the latest tractor tug designs and capabilities.



1. An introduction to shipwork
2. Piloting
3. The tugs
4. Propulsion and steering
5. Structural considerations
6. Gear and rigging for shipwork
7. Handling the light tug
8. Ship-tug interaction and tug handling
9. Basic tug positions in shipwork
10. Basic shiphandling principles
11. Steering and propelling ships with tug
12. Turning and laterally moving ships with tugs
13. Checking a ship's way with tugs
14. Basic shiphandling maneuvers with tugs
15. Handling dead ships
16. Tugs and anchors
17. Using tugs in exposed waters
18. Salvage and emergency situations
19. Ship escort
20. Communication between ship and tug
21. Conclusion

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