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Shipping & Commercial Case Law

Shipping & Commercial Case Law

Autor: Albert Badia
Editorial: Marge Books
Año de edición: 2006
Encuadernación: rústica
192 pág.
17 x 24 cm
40,00 €


This publications contains briefings of 200 most relevant cases on international trade and carriage of goods by sea. Each case is reported through an outline of facts and a summary with the essential points of the judgement. Tey all relate to well-known disputes tried by the High Courts of England and The European Court of Justice, which -no doubt- are a must for all practitiioners in this area. The cases relate to contracts of carriage on bills of lading, waybills and charterparties, as well as to international trade issues like sale contracts, letters of credit, performance bonds, indemnities or agency contracts. There is also wide reference to shiparrests, limitation of liability, injunctions and questions of law, arbitration and jurisdictión.

Precio: 40,00 €, I.V.A. incluido (4%)

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