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Tanker Operations. A Handbook for the Person-In-Charge (PIC)

Tanker Operations. A Handbook for the Person-In-Charge (PIC)

Autor: Mark E. Huber
Editorial: Cornell Maritime Press -Schiffer-
Año de edición: 2010 (5ª edición)
Encuadernación: cartoné
418 pág + 1 CD
16,0 x 23,5 cm.


The domestic and international rules governing the qualifications for personnel serving on tank vessels have changed in recent years. To address those new requirements, the fifth edition of Tanker Operations incorporates new material by Mark Huber and other contributors, providing an updated textbook for maritime schools and individuals pursuing a tankerman endorsement. It is also a standard reference for anyone involved in the tanker industry.

The subject areas from the third edition have been expanded and address such basics as vessel construction and cargo characteristics; cargo piping and venting systems; cargo measurement and transfer operations; ballasting and deballasting; tank cleaning operations and pollution regulations; gas freeing and inert gas systems. New sections include inspection procedures for chartering, cargo pump troubleshooting, and details concerning the role of the tankerman from a commercial perspective in the transportation industry. Separate chapters are devoted to the hazards and precautions relating to enclosed space entry and the emergency operations that involve situations specific to the cargo area of a vessel.

Review questions have been incorporated at the end of each chapter to ensure that the information has been covered and understood by the reader. A comprehensive glossary is also provided.


Preface to the fifth edition
Preface to the first edition

Chapter 1. Tank vessel design and classification
Chapter 2. Cargo characteristics
Chapter 3. Chemical tankers
Chapter 4. Cargo piping systems
Chapter 5. Venting systems and vapor control operations
Chapter 6. Cargo measurement and loss control
Chapter 7. Cargo calculation
Chapter 8. Cargo pumps
Chapter 9. Cargo transfer operations
Chapter 10. Chartering and operations
Chapter 11. Vetting inspections
Chapter 12. Ballasting and deballasting operations
Chapter 13. Tank cleaning operations
Chapter 14. Polluion regulations
Chapter 15. Enclosed space entry
Chapter 16. Inert gas systems
Chapter 17. Emergency procedures

Appendix A. Material safety data sheet (MSDS) -On enclosed disc-
Appendix B. MT Petrolab Reference tables -On enclosed disc-
Appendix C. Cargo Max Section -On enclosed disc and also in text chapter 7-
Appendix D. International ship(shore safety checklist -On enclosed disc-
Appendix E. Cargo resistance guide -On enclosed disc-
Appendix F. Conversion factors -On enclosed disc-
Appendix G. CargoMax VLCC software -On enclosed disc-
Appendix H. USCG incompatibiliy chart _On enclosed disc and also in text chapter2-




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