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The Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea

Autor: RCCPF
Editorial: Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson
Año de edición: 2010 (3ª edición)
Encuadernación: cartoné
376 pág.
21,5 x 30,5 cm.


The nine countries bordering the Baltic Sea offer an immense variety of cruising grounds, people and cultures. There are thousands of harbours and innumerable anchorages, and it would take an entire bookshelf, to cover them all in detail. The information contained in this book is therefore selective. It has been chosen for its value both at the planning stages - preparing the yacht, choosing the most suitable route, timing and communications etc - and again on arrival, when a general overview of each individual country is followed by specific harbour information. Where detailed cruising information is readily available - effectively Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland - only selected harbours are covered, chosen, with a few exceptions, as fulfilling certain key needs. Where cruising information is more limited - Poland, Kaliningrad, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia - many smaller harbours are also featured in detail. In addition to comprehensive suggestions for further reading (and sources in each country from which they may be ordered) more than 200 websites are listed, again chosen for their relevance both at the planning stages and en route. In order to facilitate the latter, as well as for general communication, details of internet access points are included for most major harbours.

This 3rd edition has been produced by a team from the Royal Cruising Club and contains substantial changes. Coverage of the West Coast of Sweden, the Gota Canal and the Gulf of Bothnia has been extended and there is more detailed information on the Baltic states. Throughout there are new plans and photographs and the technical data on countries and navigation has been thoroughly revised.

Beautiful, secluded anchorages, picturesque canals, bustling marinas, dramatic cities - all await those considering a Baltic cruise.


The RCC Pilotage Foundation

General information
Planning and navigation

1a. Approaches to the Baltic via the Kiel Canal and Eider River
1b. Kieler Förde to Flensburg Förde
1c. Kieler Bucht to Mecklenburguer Bucht
1d. Darsser Ort to the Polish Border

2a. Eastern Danish ports
2b. The Danish side of the Oresund
2c. Bornholm and Christianso
2d. Approach to the Kattegat through the Limfjord
2e. Danish harbours and anchorages of the Kattegat
2f. Approach to The Baltic by the Lille Baelt
2g. Approach to the Baltic by the Store Baelt

West Coast of Sweden
3a. The Swedish side of the Oresund
3b. Södra västkusten, approach to Göteborg
3c. The Bohuslän coast - Norra västkusten
3d. Göta Alv, Trollhätte and Göta Kanals
South Coast of Sweden
3e. Falsterbo Kanal to Utklippan
East Coast of Sweden
3f. Utlangan to Landsort, including Öland and Gotland
3g. Södertälje, Stockholm, the Archipielago and Lake Mälaren
The Gulf of Bothnia
3h. The Swedish coast of the Gulf of Bothnia
- Svartklubben to Söderhamm
- Hudiksvall to Härnösand
- The Höga Kusten
- Husum to Bjuröklubb
- Skelleftehamn to Lulea
- Lulea to Haparanda

4a. Gulf of Bothnia coast of Finland
- Tornio to Raahe
- Kokkola to Vaasa
- Kristiinankaupunki to Uusikaupunki
4b. The Aland Islands
4c. Finnish Archipelago
4d. South Coast of Finland
4e. Eastern Finland
4f. The Russian channel, Saimaa Canal and the Lakes


6a. Zalew Szczecinski to Berlin
6b. Coast of Poland



9a. Latvia - Baltic Sea Coast
9b. Latvia - The Gulf of Rïga


I. Suppliers of charts and publications
II. Abbreviations used on Russian charts
III. Firing practice areas
IV. Search and Rescue
Blatic MS & RRs
V. Radio communications and weather information
GMDSS, Coast radio stations, weather bulletins and navigational warnings
Wind scales
NAVTEX transmissions
Weatherfax transmissions
Weather forecasts on the internet


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