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Tricktionary DVD

Tricktionary DVD

3 DVDs
Duración total: 400 minutos


We created a huge amount of instructional clips - all linked together with a very complex, but ergonomic menu-system. The DVD is "working" as a "stand-alone" product, so without any of our books. But of course you will push your skills to the max if you use it together with the Tricktionary (no matter if 1 or 2). However, the Tricktionary DVD was created together with the Tricktionary 2 and therefore fits perfectly to our new book.

All the moves you find in the book are banned on DVD as well!

Imagine the learning success when using static photo sequences together with explaining text of the book and at the same time, watch the move in a videoclip in stunning quality, with SUPER SLOW MOTIONS, stop motions and animations - just the perfect audio-visual combination that pushes your windsurfing to the max!

Multi language:
AUDIO: English, German
SUBTITLES: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian

Precio: 43,75 €, I.V.A. incluido (21%)

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